Specialist Vehicle Solutions

Welcome to Network Plus, North Wales’ most trusted provider of specialist vehicle solutions and emergency service conversions.

We offer the highest quality, innovative work; a direct no-nonsense approach to every individual customer’s unique needs; and a dependable aftercare relationship with each vehicle.


Specialist Electronics, CCTV & Communications

We are leaders in the installation of surveillance, mobile communications, and electronic solutions including intelligent and innovative power management systems. Each installation is photo-catalogued for future maintenance.

Innovative Vehicle Interiors

For specialist vehicle interiors, we are able to design, manufacture and fit bespoke cabinets, drawers and shelves into your vehicle. This includes high quality carpentry, precision joinery and meticulous metalwork.

Sustainable Solar Solutions


We are experienced sustainable energy technicians, installing environmentally friendly, and resilient solar systems in rapid response vehicles. This provides a power backup that guarantees vehicles are always ready for work.

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